Monday, May 8, 2017

Hope Blog #6

Hope is a kind of wish that we have all time if it's not threatened or lost. It can be a wish for something to happen or a wish to get something, etc. It is not only a wish that people have. It's sometimes beyond just a word that can define it. Being hopeful is when we are expecting and wishing for something to happen or to get something. Hope comes from the heart when we have trust in things or a person in some cases. Hope is also a thing that can be lost. An example of losing hope would be victims of holocaust during the time in which it was going on. Some victims, if not many, probably felt that their lives were ruined and they wouldn't be the same ever again. The reason they lost hope was most likely because they saw all the torturing that were happening to them and their families and others, their families being killed, and also being the targets of a powerful country at the time. When hope is destroyed by darkness and hatred, it can be restored back with light and love. Some of the holocaust survivors that managed to go to the United States or other stable countries saw a lot of love and even ended up getting married and having a family. This love and good treatment restored their hopes for their future and the future of their families. There are certain things that give me hope. Some of those things are seeing the well-being of my family, my own health and well-being, and waking up everyday knowing that my family loves me and are there for me when I need them and I love them and I'm there for them when they need me.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blog Post # 5: Response to "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

The society described in this article seemed like they had everything to be happy about and it sounded like they were pretty luxurious. It is at a Summer Festival in the city of Omelas. It first talks about how fancy and soothing the city of Omelas is, with bells and bright-towered by the sea. And then all the people working or women carrying their babies and chatting as they walked. The city seems like it is really peaceful and perfect. It sounds like everyone is happy and gets what they want and are grateful for it. The whole city of Omelas just sounded like a perfect story with a perfect society in the beginning. It sounds like a utopian society near a beautiful sea. The people are celebrating the Summer Festival with games and horse riding. The majority people are happy there but there is a child locked in a cage and forced to live in its own filth. The child in this story is significant because it shows the how cruel justice can be. It shows the child's sufferings as an example of cruel justice. It also shows how beautiful happiness can be compared to the cruel injustice some people have to face in society. The child is forced to live in a small cage in his own filth. The people of Omelas sooner or later get to know about the child and his sufferings and they are taught about the meaning of suffering which was the child's life. The people of Omelas are horrified about the experience and walk away, without ever coming back. The people of Omelas look at the child's sufferings and live a happy life because they know that they are not the ones suffering, it's only the child who is. In my opinion, this brings them happiness to know that they have justice and freedom compared to the child who has to live in a small cage in his own filth. This is similar our own society as there is injustice that some people have to face and others look at that as an opportunity to be grateful for their justice and happiness rather than taking action against the injustice and putting an end to it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Social Justice Blog #4

Social justice is justice in terms of opportunities and privileges within a country. It is important for a country to have and maintain social justice so that everyone can feel safe and equal because that is what it should be like in every country. Social justice also defines a country. If a country lacks social justice and nothing is done about it then people around the world will look at that country as bigoted, irresponsible or laid back. It should be the duty of countries to have and maintain social justice because it allows everyone to feel safer and have a voice or opinion on things. Some of the prevalent issues existing today are prejudice and racism towards African Americans in some states according to KimberlĂ© Crenshaw who talked on TED. There had been shootings of innocent African Americans in several states over the past few years because the police officers believed they were armed or "dangerous" for whatever reason. Most of them had been found to be innocent and not armed. The police officers were then persecuted for the death of the victims. This is a major issue in today's world because African Americans are being looked at differently than other people and they are being discriminated. The majority of the shootings were either because they were intentional or the police officers were discriminating against them or stereotyping. A minority should not define a majority. Just because there is a small group of certain people doing certain things do not mean that the entire group must be looked at the same way. If there ever has been a certain group doing certain things in the past, that should also not define them now because every generation is different. The problem that concerns me the most is obviously the shooting and discrimination of African Americans. KimberlĂ© Crenshaw is an advocate who has also talked on TED Talk also suggests that the problem does not get enough attention to be stopped. She believes that not many people know about the discrimination of African American and most cases go by unnoticed. She suggests that more attention should be given to all cases of innocent African American shootings so that everyone can see it and hopefully put a stop to it. It is not being seen by enough people and that is why it keeps happening. If every person hears about it and knows why they are being done then we can educate others and realize the impact that it has on certain communities and groups. All people should be seen equal and treated fairly as we're all from the same specie after all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happiness Blog #3

David Steindl-Rast is a Monk from Austria who discusses the connections between happiness and being grateful. Most people would say that if you are happy, you are grateful. David disagrees with this idea that many people have and he argues that some people have everything that is necessary to live and still are unhappy because they want something different or they want more of what they have. David also says that there are people with a lot of misfortune like being blind, mute, etc. that we ourselves would not want but they are still happy because they are grateful for what they have and get every day. Happiness comes from gratitude, not gratitude from happiness. The people that are blind, mute, deaf or don't have a body part are still happy because they believe that they still have all other features. This is something that at least some of us if not most of us don't realize and value. If we are poor, we have to realize that we have everything that all the millionaires and billionaires have and that we are capable of getting to that point too. Nothing, in my opinion, is impossible and after watching David's talk, I think it should be everyone's duty to be grateful at all times and realize that if we have everything that all the famous people and millionaires have, it is not impossible for us to become like them or even better. We also don't realize the opportunities and the greatness of life and what we have until we go to some places in Africa where there is no drinkable water or any lights. Then we come back home and realize that we have so much than the people living there and it is really easy for us to get drinkable water which in contrast is a struggle for some in poor countries. We don't realize all this until we witness others struggling for basic needs like clothing, water, shelter, food, fashion, etc. all of which we already have but still want more of. If we start to realize that everything that we have is an opportunity and sometimes a privilege that others don't have then we will start to be more grateful for them which ultimately leads to us being happier about ourselves and what we already have.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Summary and reflection on Gilbert's talk

Dan Gilbert is a psychologist and a happiness expert who talked on TED Talk. His TED Talk, "The Surprising Science of Happiness" is a famous talk on TED Talk and goes in depth to talk about why some people are happy and why some are not. He also covers a lot about synthetic happiness and other important ideas. He says the human brain has nearly tripled over the course of evolution because of something that's called "frontal lobe". Over the course of some time, the humans developed the frontal lobe which allowed for the brain to grow bigger and that is why we keep getting smarter than ever. The frontal lobe also allows us human beings to experience things in a simulated way. We experience the simulation so we can get used to and adapt to experience before we actually try them out for real. He also talks about impact bias and impact bias is the tendency to overestimate the impact of future effects. Gilbert goes in depth about what synthetic happiness is and also gives examples of people that even though were put in jail and had experiences that most of us would consider bad, they were still happy and said "it was a good experience". This allows the us to feel happy because we are being positive and we're actually turning an experience that most of us consider bad into a good and positive experience because we are admitting to it. This is also because of something Gilbert talks about, "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Synthetic happiness is when you think that you are happy and positive despite the situation because nothing is good or bad and only thinking makes it so. Gilbert then talks about how we can create our happiness and how it's like a "mental immune system". Psychological immune system is what helps us change our minds about something to make us happier. Gilbert believes that synthetic happiness is inferior to what we call "real happiness" because it is more enduring and real than the happiness we stumble upon. He also tells us that "Freedom to choose is the friend of natural happiness, but freedom to choose is the enemy to synthetic happiness." To me, this means that freedom to choose is the enemy to synthetic happiness because we are more focused on being happy. He says freedom to choose is the friend of natural happiness because it allows us to choose among all the excellent futures and find the one that we would enjoy the most.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Happiness is a feeling of joy, well-being and the feeling that you are being loved by others. It is a great thing in life and it is a necessity because it makes life more enjoyable. What makes me happy is being alive and well everyday, having enough to eat and drink and having shelter and privacy. Having the feeling that I am being loved by other such as my family and friends is also another thing that makes me happy waking up everyday. Happiness is important a big deal in life because it makes everyday a good day and also waking up in the morning knowing that you have happiness and people to look up to is a great feeling. When I am happy I feel that I have people in my life and not being happy is a feeling of loneliness and guilt. The secret of happiness is up to everyone because everyone is different. Different things make different people happy. The secret for me would be not waking up everyday and expecting the day to be perfect. Happiness cannot be chased and it has to come to us. If we constantly try to chase after happiness and expect every day to be full of joy makes us feel even more down and unhappy. This is because as we do that, we look more at our dark sides and the not so happy sides and we expect to turn them into a more bright side but when we fail to do that, we simply feel even worst than we did prior to that. So many people are unhappy probably in my opinion because of the reason I just wrote. They expect perfect and joyful days every day but it doesn't work that way as they begin to feel even worst. Happiness must come to us, we cannot chase after it.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Passion and perseverance is basically the love a person has for something they want to achieve and also doing something despite the difficulty or delay in achieving success. A person who wants to achieve something and they have the heart and patience for it is basically what the meaning of both  words combined is. It is important to have these traits because every person has goals for themselves that they want to achieve. If they are passionate and have perseverance then it will be easy on them to achieve whatever they want to achieve. An example would be someone who is trying to get a job that they know they will like. It will not happen within an hour or overnight. The job may require a certain degree or may require some type of skill that needs to be learned. The person maybe a recent high school graduate who then needs to move on to a college and receive the degree required for the job that they find interesting. Or they might have to go through some training first and learn what the job requires in order for them to successfully get in and do what they desired to do. An example of a person in the current time would be the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor. McGregor had a strong desire to become a fighter and be the next world champion, so he made it happen. He went through lots of challenges, losses and people doubting him, but he always had a love for UFC so he made it happen anyways. His ability to go through doubts and hate made him successful, but it didn't come overnight and he had to train and go through struggles and defeats in order to make himself successful. No matter how deeply people were doubting him, he always knew that training and working hard will get him to his desired destination. He is currently the world champion and has not one belt, but two of them. He is the world champion of two weight classes, welterweight and lightweight, thanks to him being passionate and having a strong desire to become a world champion.